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VladTV’s Top 100 Tupac Songs of All Time (Blog) (@2pac)

March 27th, 2012

Before his untimely death in 1996, Tupac gave the world hundreds of songs. From the great tales of a man battling his inner demons, to the struggle of the Black man in America; even to futile party records. If it was worth discussing, Tupac rapped about.

Tupac didn’t use numerous flows or complicated rhyme schemes, but is still revered as one of the greatest to ever do it. His music is timeless because he presented it with passion and used his poetic lyricism to be someone everyone could relate to – the rebel, the revolutionary, the homie, the rider.

His image and intensity are unmatched and borrowed in some way by all rappers to come after him.

In honor of that, here are our picks for Tupac’s Top 100 songs: Video / Blog List

Page-turning Rube Goldberg Machine

March 25th, 2012

Check out this elaborate page-turning Rube Goldberg machine from Brooklyn area maker Joseph Herscher. The inclusion of fire and trained guinea pig really makes this one stand out. [via PSFK]


Did My Post Suck Today?

March 23rd, 2012

The below is a list of what happens in my brain for the next 31 minutes after I hit “publish” each and everyday.  Note:  I only have about 1 original thought per minute, the other thoughts within that minute are variations of the original-thesis thought for that correpsonding minute.   Min 1:  “Did my post [...]

50 Cent: My New Album Better than ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (Blog) (@50cent)

March 19th, 2012

For the over six million 50 Cent Twitter followers who have been wondering why the Queens native hasn’t been tweeting as often lately, he says it’s because he’s focused on creating his new album. 

He even went as far as saying, via Twitter, that his upcoming album is actually better than his platinum-selling debut Get Rich or Die Tryin’. 

“I haven’t been on twitter much because I been focused on my album. I listen to GRODT over and over I honestly think my new albums better.”

He went on to discuss some of the producers he’s connected with in putting the LP together.

“Production-wise, man, I got some Boi-1da joints,” 50 said. “I did some stuff with Alex da Kid. I worked with [Eminem]–well, he didn’t actually produce the record this time, but we worked together. On the record, we recorded a few joints. I worked with Frank Dukes, and he came with some pieces for me this go-round.”

50 must be focused and confident to feel his new material will be better than his debut. We’ll wait and see.

Source: Video / Blog List

what I learned in Ireland

March 18th, 2012

ireland 1

The summer after I graduated from college, I went to Ireland with two girlfriends. We rented a flat in Galway for three months and, from there, traveled all around. It was an excellent and hilarious trip, mostly because because Cara and Marisa were a lot of fun. Whenever St. Paddy’s rolls around, I think of them and the country we traveled together. Here are some things I learned while there:

That it can actually be quite sunny in Ireland – it didn’t rain for our first 10 days there. Lots of pale people (myself included) flocked to the beach. I probably got more of a tan there than I have ever gotten since. The news reported lots of cases of sun poisoning and first degree burns. This photo was taken at Salthill beach in Galway:

Salthill Galway

There’s a preponderance of stones and rocks and they do impressive things with them – this photo was taken on the Aran Islands:

Aran Islands

They let you walk all the way to the edge of cliffs! We wondered: Would they let you do this in America or would there be a fence? (And I wonder now: should I have been that close to the edge? Sorry Mom.) Also taken on the Aran Islands:

Aran Island Cliffs

The road signage is brilliant. These kinds of intersections would surely drive anybody to drink:

signage ireland

Funghi, the Friendly Dolphin, who resides in Dingle Bay was exactly as friendly as promised but I failed to catch a picture of him with my disposable camera (I was probably winding it) when he made an appearance – Anyway, this photo was taken on the boat, while in hot pursuit of him. (Notice that my love of polka dots was well underway even at this young age):

dingle bay

The castles, abbeys, and forts are simply stunning – this was taken at Kylemore Abbey in Connemara. (This is, for me, the iconic photo of the trip – I have kept it framed on my shelf for all these years):

Kylemore Abbey

Understanding the rules of cricket is not exactly a cinch for tourists who are passing through (in other words, not even remotely possible) – taken at Trinity College in Dublin:

cricket dublin

Three things about Guinness – 1. It does actually taste better the closer you get to the source 2. It’s so thick that a match will indeed stand up in the foam 3. One pint of it will fill you up more than 47 milkshakes. Taken at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin:

guinness signs

You can only carry so many souvenirs (and hand-knit sweaters) in your backpack. But I did pick up this little tchotchke in County Cork. The back says: “Triple Spiral from New Grange, Co. Meath, 3000 B.C. (Symbol of three: male, female, child: birth, love, death; the flowing continuity of life.)” I keep this on my office shelf all year, but just brought it out to our living room in honor of March 17:

Triple Spiral

And finally, the coast of Ireland is simply breathtaking:

coast of ireland

What an incredible country and an amazing trip. Have you ever been?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Ugh, Cats….

March 15th, 2012

I don’t have a fondness for cats. They can coexist with me peacefully, until they’re in my home. Cats are assholes. I cannot live with another species that has such an inflated sense of superiority. I’m bigger, smarter and  I have absolute control of their Meow Mix. It’s a power struggle. Furthermore, I spell better than cats.


I have compiled a list of perhaps the worst cats I have ever lived with or known firsthand that probably altered my ability to love one as a pet.

Nope, definitely NOT a racist.

First, early childhood, my grandma’s cat; Beretta. A Siamese cat, and yes, named after the show. I thought this Siamese cat would be awesome because of  Lady and the Tramp’s twin Siamese cats. “We are Sia-meeese if you please…” Right? Whatever. Moving on. I was perplexed as to why this cat did not have a twin, and assumed it perhaps ate its twin. This cat was hefty. It was also a jerk. This fucking cat bit me every time I was within a 12 inch radius. I was not that dumb kid that picked cats up by the tail or pulled their ears. I would extend my hand to pet, and the cat would bite. This probably laid the foundation for my dislike of cats, and explains my inability to learn by negative reinforcement.

My Adidas are not "fresh"…fucking cat.

Fast forward to fifteen year old me. Mom brought home a kitten. My sister named it Simba (Lion King); I know, dumb name right? Well, my brother used to go knock on the front door and I would yell through the house “Oh my God, Barney and Steve from Blues Clues are here!” She fell for it every time, running to open the door as my brother and I collapsed with our overwhelming pleasure with ourselves and our funny jokes. This cat and I didn’t click from day one, maybe because I made fun of its name. It hissed and scratched at everyone…or me, yeah, mostly me. After a couple of months of obvious mutual hatred and tension, Simba decided to have a poop party in my closet. I noticed an odor and traced it to shoes and clothes I had tossed on the floor of my closet. Not only did this cat use my personal storage as it’s litter box, I know she gave me a middle finger while she did it. My favorite Adidas covered in feces. I was so in love with these shoes I was tempted to weigh the pros and cons of keeping them. Toxoplasmosis is tempting but, I had to toss them. My mother got rid of that cat. Cats are such assholes that once they ruin an area of your house with their waste…they keep doing it over and over. They aren’t picking up the scent, they’re taunting you with passive aggressive poop locations, because they can.

One dump smelled similar to this most likely.

My last cat was a charity case that my blackened heart should have known better than to do. Toby, a girl cat, my son named after a character on Thomas the Train (this show is like thirty minutes of the most boring parts of Mr. Rogers). I took her in and it didn’t go well. She loved to be recklessly loud the minute I went to sleep. She would suddenly find a hair tie the most fun thing to play with and even more fun if it’s coupled with clawing up furniture. Also fun, would be to meow at absolutely nothing  but do it continuously (yes, she was fixed).   Her poop was the most foul smell I have ever experienced. It had the potent ability to wake me from the deepest slumber. I researched, I bought expensive food, I made a valiant effort to correct this. What’s better? She loved to unleash her toxic turds every time I had sex. I can’t believe I had that boyfriend as long as I did (the smell was deal breaker worthy). Sometimes she would poop outside of the litter box, inches from the litter box. I took that personal. She had to go too.

I don’t know if cats and I will ever have a healthy relationship. I’ll continue to have the very casual relationship I have with them vicariously through other people’s ownership. It’s not my house, not my Adidas shoes, so I think that would probably be best for us both.


Justin Bieber Prepares Rap Debut on Upcoming Single (Blog) (@justinbieber)

March 12th, 2012

Justin Bieber is growing up from pop sensation with his newest single “Boyfriend,” which is being compared to Justin Timberlake and the Ying Yang Twins. This will be Justin’s first single off his upcoming album, Believe.

The track, produced by Mike Posner, was given a first listen by Mick Lee, a DJ on Baltimore’s Z104.3, who gave fans a little hint of what to expect.

“Wow….so much different than his previous music,” wrote Lee. “AND get this… he raps…best comparison is it sounds like ‘Wait’ by the Ying Yang Twins.”

Could this be Justin’s segway into hip-hop? Video / Blog List

Something’s Unraveling, Alright

March 11th, 2012

Jolie O’Dell at VentureBeat: Apple’s press conference showed a brand unraveling

While today’s Apple event unveiled a couple new improvements to an expected lineup of products, it also revealed a certain sloppiness that was absent from former, Steve Jobs-led launches.

[…] I think today’s Apple event shows that perfectionism fraying a bit around the edges. The bad pun, the goofy logo, the weird product name — all of it pointed to a leadership that either didn’t understand or didn’t care about consistency in iconography.

Obviously O’Dell is right — Tim Cook is failing to hold Apple to the high standards that Steve Jobs set for the company. Steve Jobs’ Apple never would have used an ambiguous product name like “The new iPad.”

Steve Jobs’ Apple never would have used a silly pun to announce a major new product.

And there’s absolutely no way Steve Jobs’ Apple would have ever used some weird special effects on the Apple logo.

Up until now I thought Tim Cook had been doing a pretty amazing job of taking over as CEO of the most successful company on the planet, but that VentureBeat article has really cast some seeds of doubt in my mind.


GZA To Give More Academic Lectures at Several Institutions (Blog) (@TheRealGZA)

March 10th, 2012

Rap legend GZA will continue with his tour of academic lectures in the coming weeks. After already paying a visit to the prestigious campuses of Oxford and Harvard, the Wu-Tang founder says he’ll be arriving at other institutions soon.

Someone close to the matter stated:

“GZA will return to M.I.T. March 21st to lecture there in partnership with the Civic Media Lab. While there he will meet with more physicists. He will additionally be lecturing at U.S.C., N.Y.U. and Cornell this spring. While at Cornell he is planning on meeting with scientists who recently created ‘wrinkle in time’ of sorts, which was once only the stuff of fantasy.”

GZA also added his own statements about his upcoming lectures:

“I will take a quantum leap and discuss the universe while taking us on a journey through deep space. Traveling at light-speed from the galactic center of one galaxy to the farthest corners of another. I hope my listeners will enjoy this cosmic adventure within a world of colossal planets, gas giants, meteorites, comets, and asteroids in the most extreme conditions.”

GZA has spoken at a number of institutions dating back to late 2011 and his scheduled appearances are only increasing. Video / Blog List

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