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Best Street Nominees: A Closer Look

February 16th, 2012

Busentiz, Nyjah, and Westgate are our picks for best street. See what they did in 2011 for the nod.
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The year in street photography

January 2nd, 2012

2011 was the year I carried my camera almost everywhere, the year the camera became an extension of my right arm, the year I found myself on the streets over and over again, the year the streets accompanied me through my highs and lows. This post is not a personal best-of, but rather a selection of how I saw and felt about street photography in 2011.

January. After having neglected street photography for a long while, I picked up my camera again. It instantly felt right.

It stuck as the month the obsession started (again) and never left.

I took walks for hours, alone. I shot everything I saw.

I took the bus instead of the subway, so I could see and shoot from the upper decks.

February. I changed perspectives.

I tried different vantage points.

I tried juxtapositions.

I discovered that I like shooting on familiar ground.

I found out that I like reflections.

March. I went to Frankfurt.

I tried getting close.

I shot street with my sister for the first time. It felt great.

April. I went to Hamburg.

Saw the Vivian Maier exhibition. Was blown away by her work and frustrated with my own.

I kept on shooting anyway.

Most of the stuff didn’t feel right.

May. I went to Austria.

Vienna taught me how to see light.

Vienna taught me to wait.

I went to Latvia.

I worked on a movie set. I shot whenever I had a break.

I went to Riga.

I dared to get closer.

I was suprised with what I could get away with.

I took Robert Capa’s words literally.

June. I went back to Berlin.

I tried shooting from my bike, never turned out any good.

I still thought that I had to get closer.

But somehow it didn’t feel quite right.

I went back to my old approach.

I used public transport instead of my bike. I wanted to shoot all the time.

I decided that I was okay with taking pictures of kids.

July. I went to Frankfurt again. I was inspired by my sister.

I discovered medium format.

I went back to Berlin.

I got comfortable shooting people.

I tried shooting at night.

August. I went back to what I thought I could do best.

I discovered that I loved harsh contrasts and shooting around midday.

I went to Frankfurt again. I decided I would go back to shooting film. It changed everything.

This was one of the last frames I shot digital.

This was the last frame I shot digital.

September. Analog. Medium format. Color.

It felt refreshing.

I got a rangefinder. It changed everything again. I shot only color for an entire month.

I found out that I was better at black and white.

October. The rangefinder system was a revelation.

It freed me from the constraints of the slr. It changed the way I see.

I set up a mini lab in my bathroom and got into developing again.

November. I was obsessed about developing and scanning.

December. I changed my pace.

I let things happen.

Some things came together nicely.

Some things sucked, but I’ll keep on shooting anyway. I’m ready, 2012.


Green Street “Daydreams” Ft. Donwill of Tanya Morgan

December 16th, 2011

Fresh Daily recently hit us on a twitter to let us know our Five Panel Collab had a cameo in the Green Street “Daydreams” Video he failed to mention he had a cameo as well ! Super dope song and video after the jump! Enjoy!

Sacred Stitch

Chaz Ortiz- Double Kickflip Boardslide At Street League

November 22nd, 2011

Chaz Ortiz Double Kickflip Frontside Boardslide At The Wonka Free Ride, After The Actual Street League Finals. You Guys Won’t Be Seeing This Clip On ESPN Either. Your Welcome.

Kanye & Russell Simmons Take Over Wall Street Protests (@kanyewest @unclerush)

October 11th, 2011

Kanye West and Russell Simmons attended the Occupy Wall Street protests in Zuccotti Park, New York.

Source: Video / Blog List

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Growing More Organized Every Day

October 9th, 2011

The three-week-old campout in a lower Manhattan plaza looks like a jumble of tattered sleeping bags. But volunteers working on food, sanitation, health care and other needs keep the Occupy Wall Street protest functioning. Video / Blog List

San Francisco Street Art Graffiti

August 28th, 2011

San Francisco Street Art Graffiti MuralsIt’s one of many graffiti murals in San Francisco. I’m not sure who created this one, maybe Diego Rivera. There is a high concentration of graffiti murals street art(and strangeness) about the district’s mission. While we are looking for the temple of POI, we found a building with tables and chairs against the wall, there is even a couch hanging from the eaves! This area does not feel very welcome as there are a lot of dodgy characters hanging around, though it deserves to be there to see all the graffiti art impressive Street Art Graffiti.

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Street Science Skate Shop Webisode 1

July 20th, 2011

Street Science Skateshop in Tracy California has posted their first webisode within the first 30 days of opening! Enjoy the interior of the shop along with clips of skateboarding by the co-owner Jeremy Morgan, team riders KC Docherty, Shane Madrid, and friends with the help of co-owner Justin Lomba filming. Skateboard for life!

2011 Street League Arizona Finals Photo Gallery

July 18th, 2011

Photos from the final day of the Street League DC Pro Tour fueled by Monster Energy from Glendale Arizona. Nyjah took his third Street League win followed by Ryan Sheckler and Chris Cole.
Transworld Skateboarding» | Skating news, photos, videos – Transworld Skateboarding

Willy Santos In HBO’s East Of Main Street

January 18th, 2011

Check out the trailer for a new series from HBO, East Of Main Street.
Transworld Skateboarding» | Skating news, photos, videos – Transworld Skateboarding

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